My Show: The Shock of the Old

When an agony aunt reaches sixty, she can lie like a trooper, jump off a bridge – or take to the stage.

Virginia Ironside explains that unlimited free drugs, boring for Britain, fun funerals, grandchildren and sex – or, even better, no sex – make the sixties the best – and funniest – time of your life…”

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Virginia Ironside in The Virginia Monologues



Directed by Nigel Planer,the show premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2009, and is now touring the UK.




“This is a witty show for all ages, providing a lunchtime oasis of grown-up calm and wisdom amid the histrionics of the festival. Plus, it’s the first, and probably the last, time you’ll ever hear a colostomy-bag showstopper or a glucosamine sulphate-related heckle.” – Independent

Virginia Ironside in The Virginia Monologues
“This doyenne of Fleet Street delivers her observations with precision, style and wit. Her writing is beautiful, funny, sensible and smart – and her show, directed by The Young Ones’ Nigel Planer, is an absolute delight.” – Scotsman

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Photos by Steve Ullathorne