TV and Radio

TV and Radio Appearances (and Other Recordings)

This is a little archive of some of my TV and Radio appearances and some other recordings too – partly just for fun, and partly because I hope that some of the issues covered in my TV appearances might be of help or interest to somebody out there. It seems a shame to let them gather dust in a tape (“tape” – that really shows my age!) on my shelf.

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Radio Appearances

Loose Ends (BBC Radio 4 2016)

Private Passions (BBC Radio 3 2015)

Loose Ends (BBC Radio 4 2015)

Loose Ends (BBC Radio 4 2013)

Chatting with Clive Anderson about my book No! I Don’t Need Reading Glasses!

Mr X – Julian Maclaren Ross (BBC Radio 4 2012)

I’m a huge fan of the writer, Julian Maclaren Ross and took part in this radio documentary to talk about his work and a campaign to get a gravestone carved and laid to commemorate his life.

Today (BBC Radio 4 2012)

Discussing my uncle, the painter Robin Ironside with art critic Brian Sewell during the exhibition Robin Ironside: Neo-Romantic Visionary.

Inheritance Tracks (BBC Radio 4 2012)

A celebration of the music that special guests cherish and would like to bestow to future generations. I chose Hong Kong Blues’ by Hoagy Carmichael and ‘I Was Sure’ by Will Grove-White. You can hear my Inheritance Tracks as a podcast HERE

Desert Island Discs (BBC Radio 4 1997)

More Audio

Richard Herring`s Meaning of Life – Love (audio version)

I was a guest on Richard Herring’s Meaning of Life, his live show at London’s Leicester Square Theatre. I was helping him understand matters of the heart and for a small fee this edition of the show is available for DOWNLOAD HERE

Talking at an Oldie lunch about No! I Don’t Want To Join A Bookclub

TV Appearances

Sex, Lies And Love Bites: The Agony Aunt Story (BBC TV 2015)

In March 2015 I appeared in Sex, Lies And Love Bites: The Agony Aunt Story. This BBC documentary offered a fascinating portrait of our social history with agony aunt and psychotherapist Philippa Perry examining our relationship with the advice column over the decades.

Channel 4 News (Channel 4 TV 2014)

In November 2014 I took part in a live debate entitled Why Does Granny Have More Fun Than Me? I spoke about the differences in the generations with Katie Morley, a 20-something financial writer who’s campaigned to improve young people’s retirement prospects.

Cash In The Celebrity Attic (BBC TV 2009)

Raising money for my chosen charity Hope and Homes For Children

Inside Out (BBC TV 2005)

The Agony and The Ecstacy: 100 Years of Sex Advice (BBC TV 1993)

A Whole Scene Going (BBC TV 1966)

Podcasts and Live Streams

Richard Herring’s RHLSTP RHMOL Podcast

A Drink with Virginia Ironside | Idler TV