I’m not sure whether to say Good Morning, Good Afternoon or Good Evening,  because I’ve no clue when you logged on, but I hope you will consider yourself duly greeted.

Anyway, I’m delighted you’re here, so hello.

Updated 22/01/2023
Virginia Ironside Portrait by Orlando Gil

Better Known Podcast

I’ve recently been discussing six things which I think should be better known with Ivan Wise for his Better Know Podcast. You can listen to it HERE.

A Drink With The Idler

I’m really pleased to be agony aunt at The Idler and really enjoyed my recent chat with Idler editor Tom Hodgkinson about my long career solving readers’ problems. You can watch it here.

New Live Dates For 2021

Details of my new show The Shock of the Old are coming soon!

Find me on Facebook

Virginia Ironside's Facebook header

Did you know that I have a Facebook page?

You can find it at facebook.com/virginiaironsidewriter

Agony Aunt – The Oldie And The Idler

I’m agony aunt of the Oldie and The Idler my favourite magazines, which is absolutely great. At my age I didn’t think there was a chance of keepin’on truckin’ but it seems there is. Please subscribe to both.

My Latest Book

My latest book is No, Thanks! I’m Quite Happy Standing! It’s available from Amazon UK here.

No Thanks I'm Quite Happy Standing Cover

I was really touched by Wendy Holden writing about how much she enjoyed the book in her Daily Mail column. Read her review here.

Virginia Ironside on BBC Radio 4’s Loose Ends

I recently appeared as a guest on this BBC Radio 4 programme to talk about my latest book No, Thanks! I’m Quite Happy Standing!  You can listen again here.

‘Granny Annexe’ Columns Online

The latest editions of my monthly column for The Oldie are now available to read here.

Robin Ironside Website

A content rich online resource dedicated to the life and work of Robin Ironside is now online here.

My book Robin Ironside: Neo-Romantic Visionary (written with Peter Boughton, and Simon Martin) was published to accompany two exhibitions of my late uncle’s work in 2012. It’s now available from the Pallant House Gallery BookshopYou can find out more about Robin Ironside and hear me talking about him on the BBC radio Today programme here.